Pet Dining Stations

Benefits of our Dining Stations
Why an elevated dining station? Veterinarians recommend elevated feeders for dogs and cats because they offer a number of benefits:

Hygiene and cleanliness – Elevated bowls help keep food and water in the bowl and not on the floor. With a normal pet dish, as dogs raise their heads to facilitate swallowing, water and food often ends up on the floor. In addition, moisture under a traditional food dish can foster mould and bacteria growth.
Health – Elevated feeding stations help reduce intestinal gas in dogs by removing the need to bend over when eating. Eating in a bent over position forces dogs to gulp their food and swallow more air in the process. Higher food dishes result in less gulping and reduced intestinal gas. In addition, elevated food bowls are more comfortable for pets with arthritis, sore joints, or neck/ back problems. If eating is painful or uncomfortable, pets are less likely to eat. Raising food and water to a comfortable level encourages eating and drinking thereby promoting proper nutrition.
Comfort – Pet owners also benefit by not having to bend over as far to fill water and food dishes. For the frail, physically disabled, or people with arthritis or back problems, elevated feeders can make a big difference.

Product Length Width Depth Cost
3 Bowl (Cat)570mm200mm130mm$70
3 Bowl (Sm – Med)685mm251mm170mm$80

Product Length Width Depth Cost
2 Bowl (Cat)410mm195mm130mm$60
2 Bowl (Small)440mm220mm150mm$65
2 Bowl (Medium)540mm270mm250mm$75
2 Bowl (Large)570mm290mm320mm$86

Product Length Width Depth Cost
Single Bowl (Small)221mm221mm150mm$38
Single Bowl (Medium)255mm255mm250mm$45
Single Bowl (Large)290mm290mm320mm$52

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