Wooden Pet Beds

Benefits of Our Beds

Insulating your pet from the floor in the winter and summer, these beds provide the warmth needed for both comfort and health.
Provides your pet with their own space and with it a sense of security.
Torsea cushions provide and excel in the care of aged pets who require extra joint support for comfort.
Controls the spread of hair by concentrating it in one easy to clean location.
All our covers are washable (both inners and outers), therefore controlling doggy odour.
Timber is a tough and durable material, combined with excellent construction techniques, makes our beds exceptional value for money and longevity
If you want to provide your pet with its own comfortable place, while adding a stylish piece of furniture to your home, our wooden pet beds are the only beds you will ever need, at a price you can afford.

Product Length Width Depth Cost Cushion
MC Small648mm488mm275mm$144$58
MC Medium680mm550mm365mm$153$70
MC Large975mm630mm390mm$165$80

Product Length Width Depth Cost Cushion
DM Small675mm515mm300mm$144$58
DM Medium775mm605mm360mm$153$70
DM Large1025mm680mm360mm$165$80
DM Ex Large1100mm785mm360mm$198$100

Product Length Width Depth Cost Cushion
Classic Small670mm480mm335mm$153$58
Classic Medium770mm590mm335mm$165$70
Classic Large1020mm660mm335mm$178$80
Classic Ex Large1125mm785mm335mm$207$100

Product Length Width Depth Cost Cushion
Arts & Crafts Small745mm585mm320mm$160$58
Arts & Crafts Medium865mm680mm380mm$176$70
Arts & Crafts Large1115mm750mm380mm$198$80
Arts & Crafts Ex Large1200mm875mm420mm$210$100

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