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We are a proudly Australian owned company, using all Australian materials.

Our Furniture is hand built from the highest quality timbers, that are not only tough and durable but add a distinctive and unique piece of furniture to your home which will remain attractive and functional for years to come.


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We use only the best construction techniques, such as classic dovetail jointing or the latest domino joining technology for superior strength.

You’ll never see the use of staples in any of our products: all our beds, dining stations and toy boxes are glued and/or screwed, creating a strong piece of furniture that will keep your pet comfortable and secure for many years to come.

The longevity of our range of pet furniture also makes it great value for money: You will never need to buy another pet bed until you obtain an additional pet!

Standard Stains

Lyrebird pet furniture currently manufactures our range of wood pet beds in light, dark and ebony stains, finished with three coats of semi-gloss lacquer.

Visit our gallery to view many different styles and colours from our many happy customers.

Want to match your existing colour scheme? We can certainly do this too! Simply provide us with a sample of your existing stain or paint, and we’ll match it so your pet furniture fits seamlessly into your current decor.

Get in touch to find out how we can create a pet bed or dining station that is uniquely you.

Colour Stains

Have a different colour stain in mind? Talk to us as we are happy to customise your new pet bed with the stain of your choice on request.

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